I killed my older brother and now I was looking in the mirror admiring my beautiful black eyes and red smile. I decided to make the house look better. I picked up my knife and went to my neighbor Jane's house. I sneaked in and went into her parent's room and got out my knife. I saw that Jane was passed out. I looked at her parents and ran at them with a knife. I killed both of them and took their bodies to my house. I got my killed parents and and Liu, my older brother. I put Jane's parents in the dining table seat. I put Liu there and my parents too.

As soon as I put them on the table, I carved a smile on all of them. I got Jane afterwards. The bottle of bleach and vodka I put over Jane was amazing. All I said to her was that we was going to be beautiful like me. As soon as I did that, I set her on fire. All I remember is that I felt the house, and Jane went to the hospital after that.

I sent her a black dress, black boots, some black roses and her knife she had. Good thing I caught it, or else she would of killed me. All I wanted for her is to be beautiful like me