My name is Jeff the Killer my story is all about me this I'm coming for you I jumped on my bed my dad and Jeff my dad shot him but he didn't die please help the next day he was gone I called the police I saw something outside it was go to sleep the sign said but I didn't listen please come back my dad said but I want to go to but someone said sheep sheep sheep it's time for sleep it was sounding like Sammy Lawrence Sammy Lawrence Ted Bundy's coming back Jeff the Killer stab them in the head but Sammy didn't died he was made out of ink that's why he needed to do a ritual to get off he wanted me he needs a sacrifice the cops arrived but nothing was there I need to get out of the house it's haunted by someone Sammy Lawrence and Jeff the Killer soon I moved out but something was outside sheep sheep sheep it's time for sleepy head it's time for bed I run run Jeff was back I'm coming Jeff said but Jeff killed me

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