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--- St. John's Middle School For People With Special Needs ---

Patient/Student No. 00462
Name: Jeffrey Alan Woods
Age: 10 Years Old
Gender: Male
Reason: Nightmares, Night terrors, Multiple fears, Anxiety, Hallucinations, Bipolar depression, Intrusive thoughts, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Insomnia (TBD), Multiple personality disorder (TBD), Mentally unstable (TBD)

Jeffrey has been suffering from nightmares ever since his brother, Liu and his father, Peter have died in a car accident and due to the recent everyday stress at school. In his nightmares, he tells us that he's been seeing a tall, psychotic serial killer wearing a white hooded jacket with a black shirt and black pants. The " killer " also has burnt, black hair, pale white skin, dilated eyes with no eyelids and a vicious-looking, self-inflicted glasgow chelsea grin smile. This had us unnerved, but we think it may just be the symptoms stalking.

Jeffrey also has problems sleeping at night, alone. And on some nights, he sleeps, either with with his mother, Margaret who also has trouble sleeping alone or his friend/classmate, Robin Weatherbee. This, also is most likely due to both, the now-dead status of brother Liu and father Peter and his nightmares.'''''

*scene cuts to Jasmine Caldwell's school office*

*knocking on door*

Jasmine Caldwell: " Come in! "

*door opens*

Jasmine Caldwell: "Hello, Mrs. Woods. Hello, Jeffrey. Please be seated."

After Jeffrey and mother Margaret have been seated, Jasmine reviews Jeff's doctor's report.

Jasmine Caldwell: "I understand that your son, Jeffrey has some sort of mental problem. Am I right?"

Margaret Blalock Woods: "Yes."

Jasmine Caldwell: "I also understand that your older son, Liu and your husband, Peter have died in a car accident. Is this the reason your younger son, Jeffrey has been having these recent nightmares?"

Margaret Blalock Woods: "Most likely. I assume so."

Jasmine Caldwell: "How is that so?"

Jeffrey Woods (child): "Usually, when I have nightmares, I would often go into his room and sleep with him for the rest of the night. He would also sing a lullaby to me to calm my nerves so that I could rest easier. I also relied on him to get me through school each day. To me, he's not only my big brother, he's also the only friend I've ever had. I miss him so much. I can't live without him."

Jasmine Caldwell: "Were you scared when they told you that he died?"

Jeffrey Woods (child): "Of course, I was. As a matter of fact, I'm afraid of losing my mommy, too. Please tell me, what did I do to deserve this? I don't think I've done anything wrong and I keep to myself most of the time. I-I never realized how much of loss I could be holding right now. I really don't want my loss to become a burden upon me and my family."

Jasmine Caldwell: "Ah, I see. Now, about this " killer " that you have been seeing in your dreams. What do you know about him?"

Jeffrey Woods (child): "All that I know about him is that when I see him in my dreams, I know that he threatens to kill me and my family. But he also wants me to join him. To become him. To give in to anger and insanity. I don't want this to happen and yet, I don't know what to do. I can't even believe that I've shared this information with someone. Now I'm even more scared. I never wanted anything like this to end so badly. And he's not the only one that's haunting my dreams. I've seen neighborhood bullies who go by the names of Randy Warren, Keith Daviss and Troy Green violating my dream world. I don't know if any or all three of them exist in real-life and I really don't want to know, nor do I want to see. I still don't know the name of the killer, but I'm sure that it wasn't any of those three, because he looked and sounded different."

Margaret Blalock Woods: "I have nightmares, as well. The killer that my son has been seeing in his dreams...he...I've been seeing in my dreams, too."

Jasmine Caldwell: "Mrs. Woods, have you or Jeffrey tried anything to combat this problem?"

Margaret Blalock Woods: "We take it one step at a time, every day. I would never give Jeff anything that might aggravate his symptoms any further than it has been recently and I wouldn't do the same to myself. And I don't know what it is, but the medicines that I take aren't helping. I tried to help my son find a way to cope with the reality of the situation, but that just made the both of us even more worried. Both Jeffrey and I also have trouble sleeping by ourselves on some nights, if not all nights. Sometimes, he comes to sleep with me in my bedroom, other times, we sleep together in the spare bedroom. Either way, we both sleep much better that way, unless of course, we share a nightmare together. We usually get over them once the initial shock wears off. We both go back to sleep, afterwards."

After careful review and inspection, Miss Jasmine came to one conclusion.

Jasmine Caldwell: "Well, you're in luck! We will accept Jeffrey into our school and find a proper cure for you and your son's mental states. Thank you for your time and as promised, we'll take good care of you and your son. We'll make sure you and Jeff suffer no harm."

Margaret Blalock Woods: "Thank you, Miss Caldwell."

Jeffrey Woods (child): "Thanks, Mrs. Caldwell."

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