The scene shows a close-up of a newspaper from many years ago. An excerpt from it reads:


After weeks of unexplained homicides, the ominous unknown serial killer is still on the rise. After little to no evidence has been found, a young boy who had survived one of the killer's violent assaults bravely tells his story about the mysterious man.

" I had a terrible dream and woke up in the middle of the night." said the boy. "I saw that somehow the window was open, even though I knew it was closed before I had gone to bed. I got up and closed it shut once more. Afterwards, I simply crawled under my covers and tried to get back to sleep. That's when I had this unnerving feeling, like someone was watching me. I looked up, and nearly jumped out of my bed. There, in the little ray of light, illuminating from between my curtains, were a pair of two eyes. But these weren't regular eyes; they were dark, ominous and bloodshot. They were bordered in black and... they just plain out terrified me. That's when... I saw his mouth. It had a long, horrendous smile that had blood dripping down from it. I was frozen in fear when I saw his face. The human-like figure just stood there, staring at me. Finally, after what seemed like forever, he said something to me. A simple phrase, but he said in a way only a madman could speak. He said, 'Go To Sleep.' and I let out a scream, that's what sent him at me. He pulled out a knife and aimed it at my heart. He jumped on top of my bed. I fought him back; I kicked, I punched, I rolled around, trying everything I could to knock him off of me. That's when my dad broke the door down and came rushing in. The man threw the knife at him and it went into my dad's shoulder. The man probably would've mutilated him, if one of the neighbors hadn't alerted the police. They drove into the parking lot, and rushed towards the door. The mysterious man turned and ran down the hallway. I heard a smashing sound, like glass breaking. As I came out of my room, I saw the window that was pointing towards the back of my house was broken with pieces of broken glass on the floor of the hall. I looked out it to see him vanish into the distance. I can tell you one thing, I will never forget that face. Those cold, evil eyes, and that twisted, psychotic smile. They will never leave me alone. "

Police are still on the lookout for this man. If you see anyone that fits the description in this story, please contact your local police department.

The scene then cuts to Robin Weatherbee and Jasmine Caldwell reading the newspaper.

Robin Weatherbee III: "Jeff...I know how much you feel. I know how much you hated Randy Warren and how much Randy Warren wanted to kill you. I know all the sorrow that you felt when you and your brother got separated when you needed him the most. I know all the pain you felt when your parents didn't listen. That's what I'm here for. To undo the stain that ruined a good reputation. To prevent this terrible tragedy from ever happening in the first place. I'll even make sure that you'll have a stronger bond with your parents as well as your brother and any friends you make. And I know I'll make sure that you'll never see Randy Warren and his friends make a monster out of you. I I always known for all eternity who the REAL Jeffrey Alan Woods is. I'll make you a better person that you wished you could be. I'll do ANYTHING to save your life. It is time...I have defeated the Wheel of Fate. And only mankind itself can change their fate. Fate...destiny...and the future is on our side! Together, we will put an end to this terrible scourge!"

With these words...Robin Weatherbee and Jasmine Caldwell along with a few others pass through the portal of make right what once went wrong...not just for Jeffrey Woods, but for his family and many others as well.

The scene then cuts to Peter Woods and his son, Liu driving down the highway and having a nice conversation when suddenly, a nearby car blows a tire and comes swerving and crashing into the car Peter and Liu are in, eventually causing a huge pile-up on the road. Shortly after, father Peter and Liu are taken to the hospital and are later confirmed to be dead.

---In a Darkened Room---

Ah, yes. Jeffrey Alan Woods. A truly interesting case, indeed. Why do you ask? Really? I was not aware such events had occurred. It all started when he was around 10 years old. The young boy's mother, Margaret Blalock Woods called me at dawn one cold winter morning. She said that something was wrong with her son, he woke up screaming and was in a catatonic, traumatized state and kept mumbling the same words over and over...

Jeffrey Woods (child): "HE IS COMING!!! Consider Him, for He hates me with the most cruel of all hatred of any kind...I don't want to see Him, meet Him, be murdered by Him or worse...become Him! He must be stopped!!! Please!!! Help me!!!"

I told her to bring him to my office that instant. When they arrived, he was still shaking and talking gibberish. His bloodshot eyes were pulsating and practically bursting out of their sockets. He had his arms crossed, acting as if he was locked up in a straitjacket with his hands clutching tightly on the front sides of his white hooded jacket. He was pale with fright and his clothes were drenched with sweat. I've gotta tell you, I've never seen anyone like this before and I'm not one for the old school, but hypnosis was the only solution I could think of. I brought him back from where he was, carefully laid him down on my psychiatrist's couch and began to ask him questions, slowly, one at a time.

Me: "Where are you?"

Jeffrey Woods (child): "There...His domain...His territory...Oh, Lord, please help me, is he dead? LIU!!!!!"

I whirled around to his terrified mother.

Me: "Who is Liu?"

She managed to whisper.

Margaret Blalock Woods: "His older brother...our first son..."

Me: "Never mind, I'm losing him!"

I went back to Jeff and continued my questioning.

Me: "What do you see?"

Jeffrey Woods (child): "So much much thick, rotting, festering blood. Chains with shackles, everywhere. Prison cells. Barbed wires. An electric chair. Dead bodies, fire, so much pain! It won't stop! Everything is all red! me! I'm falling!!!"

Me: "JEFF!! Where are you falling to?"

Jeffrey Woods (child): "I don't open field...I'm happy here...I don't want to leave...but I need to find him. Please, help me. I need to find Liu."

Slowly, the child rose to his feet and leapt off the couch howling, then collapsed on the floor, asleep. Hours later, I woke him up and asked him what happened. What dreams and/or visions or anything else of his own mind had he seen? He relayed what little he remembered. What he had told me about his dream was not only frightening to him but to his mother as well. I couldn't blame him. I was terrified, too. Jeffrey laid in his mother's lap shivering, shaking, crying and whimpering as she held and hugged him in her arms trying to calm him down. She knew there and then that she had to take better care of her younger son more than ever, since father Peter and older brother Liu are now dead.

Margaret Blalock Woods: "What's the matter, Jeffrey? Are you okay?

Jeffrey Woods (child): *sobbing* *sniff* "I...I don't know. My inner demons won't stop talking to me. I'm so scared...please...please tell me it was just a dream. I don't want this to be real. I want to be okay. Please tell me I'm okay. I need to know."

Margaret Blalock Woods: "Shhh...shhh...Now, now, Don't worry, dear. It's okay, it's okay. I'm here. It's alright."

I asked her if she, her husband and/or her first son had any mental diseases in the past. She told me that she had quite a few, as did her husband. She and I began to suspect that both of her sons also have what she and her husband have had. I mean, how much stress can a poor, young little boy be put under? First the car accident that spelled the death of his father Peter and his brother Liu, then the grades and, of course, a series of terrible nightmares due to the recent loss of both a father and older brother have been eating away at poor Jeffrey who, seemingly, did nothing to deserve all this for the past eight months. He and his mother might as well be the only ones left in the family. Life surely couldn't get any more worse than it is now...or can it? I didn't want to send Jeffrey to a mental facility. I fear that they might accuse poor little Jeffrey. It felt so wrong. What I should do is spend more time with him and his mother and discuss what's going on inside his mind/dreams and in his everyday life. The middle school that he goes to probably isn't safe for 10-year-old boy with a mental disorder. We should send him to a special middle school made for kids with disabilities. My assistant, Jasmine Caldwell can help me out with this. Hopefully, we can find some more answers about what's going on in that poor little boy's head.

Jeffrey has been keeping a record of his dreams/nightmares/visions in his " dream journal ". He relayed everything he saw in his dreams. He told me and Jasmine that he has been seeing hallucinations of what appeared to be a human or human-like serial killer wearing a white hooded jacket with a black shirt underneath, black jeans and black shoes with white soles ( similar to what he himself is wearing ) . The "killer" was tall, lanky and covered in blood, had pale, ghostly, bone-white skin that smelled of bleach and alcohol and black hair that smelled like something was burning. The most scariest part though, was his face which had a look of unspeakable malice and insanity, the likes of which he had never seen before. He told me that the being had dark, ominous, bloodshot eyes that appeared to be fixed and dilated. What's even more scarier is that he had no eyelids, just dark, black circles/rings surrounding his eyes. Upon further inspection, they appeared to be sliced and/or burned off. What frightened Jeffrey about the killer's face the most was that...he had the most deranged-looking smile he had ever seen. The killer's "smile" was a huge, Glasgow-style Chelsea grin/Cheshire Cat smile that had blood dripping down from it. The first time that Jeff had seen the mysterious killer in his dreams, his family ( or what resembled his family, as he himself was nowhere to be seen or found ) was murdered and the house that they lived in was burned down. Jeff could hear his maniacal, high-pitched laughter as he saw what the killer had done. As the killer ran out the door, Jeff had somehow caught his attention. The killer was slowly walking towards Jeff as he stared directly at him with overwhelming rage, malice and insanity. Jeff was unable to move and became frozen in fear as the killer approached him. The killer then spoke to Jeffrey in a low, raspy-sounding high-pitched voice. What the killer had said to him was the scariest and most disturbing thing he had ever heard.

"Go to sleep."

Jeffrey's dreams and visions have carried on into his everyday problems. Every day, he would go into these "episodes". When he was in a episode, he would slowly fall to his hands and knees shivering and shaking then curl up and begin to cry, miserably, sometimes even with his hands over his head and ears, as if fearing some kind of terrible punishment. He would also have what many people call, " intrusive thoughts " that would play a factor in his dreams/visions. All of this must be related to his parent's mental diseases. Hopefully, we can find a proper cure for all of this.

Margaret felt sorry for not only poor little Jeffrey and her family, but for herself, too. She had almost forgotten about the mental problems she had while growing up. was her younger son, Jeffrey who began to have mental problems of his own. She felt unprepared for what was to come. It is always said that the first year of parenting is always the hardest. But now...that her husband, Peter and her older son, Liu are now dead, she was on her own and didn't know what to do next.

Margaret Blalock Woods: "Please...forgive me."

She began looking for answers soon after and help came with the arrival of a new neighbor. Robin Weatherbee Jr. and his parents, Robin Weatherbee Sr. and Eileen and his sister, Merrimew ( Mary ) had just recently moved into a new house right next door to the Woods family house. To Jeffrey, Robin was not just any old-fashioned neighbor, he felt at peace with him. He felt a warm and calming feeling he had never felt before. Not only that, Robin's parents helped Margaret with all of her bills and taught her how to be a better mother. This was the start of a beautiful friendship that would only grow stronger.

But he wouldn't be the last person that Jeff would make friends with...

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