The sound of the children laughters, the Merry-Go-Round's song drifting through the air, it had past ten at night, Jake, a 8-year-old boy still dancing around with plastic guns in his hand, his smile was wide and his emerald eyes were shimmering under the carnival's colorful lights. The child seems to have the time of his life, came out of his mouth were fake sounds of guns shooting, he pointed the gun toward to his older brother Harry, making him frowned.

"Stop your childish attitude Jake, I'm annoyed..." The man spoke. In his arm was a younger blond girl, her head was laying on his shoulder, Harry turned to the girl, "Where were we?". Jake seemed to be annoyed neither less, a ray of water blast to the girl's face. She let out a scream, than proceed to slapped Harry, and leave without another word.

Harry tried to hold her back, no use; he quickly turned to Jake, who was innocently playing with his toys again; and shouted to him in the middle of the crow, like he gave a fuck about people looking at him. "JAKE! I TOLD YOU TO FUCKING BEHAVE YOU LITTLE PRICK!!"- He snapped Jake's hand -"WE ARE GOING THE FUCK HOME, AND STAY THERE UNTIL MOM AND DAD ARE BACK!!" The young boy groaned while Harry threw his gun in to the dirt, and struggled to run away, he picked up the dirty plastic toy. The older brother was screaming his name, while Jake was crushing into the crow, only seconds later the little boy was nowhere in sight.

Little he knew someone was looking at him the whole time.

"Jake!! Jake!!" Harry was calling out the younger one's name, he started to sweat when he found the plastic gun lying in the mud, and what made him even more nervous, it was getting further and further from the carnival. "Jesus, where could he be?!" it had been 11:15, Jake has been missing for half an hour now...

Pulling out a cellphone, Harry scrolled through the number addresses: Mom...Dad...Gf1...Gf2...Ah, here it is, lil' bro.

He pressed call and wait for a moment, his stomach was boiling while waiting for Jake to pick up, as seconds passed by, his heart skipped another beat. And he sighed in relief, someone had picked up the call, no answer, he though Jake was still mad at him. Harry lowered his voice, tried to hide his worries.

- Listen lil' bro, if you don't come back here right now--


Jake was sobbing, his voice was whispers and hint of panics were hidden in his words.

-...Yes, of course! Who do you think it is?


Harry froze, what? Help?

-Li-Listen Jake, what is--

<<Do you know what time is?>>

I was a men voice, husky, low and cold, he can hear the whimpers of the younger brother in the background, Harry started to panic, his legs trembled, he can't even hold his cell phone right, it was clearly, that Jake had been kidnapped. 

<<It passed bed time, you know...>>

-Who are you?!

<<And look at his dirty clothing...>>

A scream interrupted, then a slap, Harry cries out the younger brother's name, tears trailed down from his blue eyes, only god knows if Jake going to be tortured, or killed, or both. The urge inside him rose, Harry started to threatened the person who was with his brother.


A chuckled could be heard, and Harry knew he had done a terrible decision.


-L...look...I'll do anything, just don't hurt Jake!

'<<Do you know what should a good brother do?>>

There was a stabbing sound, and a scream, a slap, then silence, Harry cries, his legs trembled, the sound was so gory that he could even feel his own stomach  being sliced in to pieces. "STOP!!" He shouted through the phone, but the stabbing was heard again, then everything repeated, "" Harry whimpered, in synth with the younger one's cries through the phone.

'<<Why don't you answer?>>


'<<A good brother must take good care of the young one...>>-There was another deep cut, the sound of flesh torn apart from the bones, came with an ear-pierced cry.

'<<Tuck him in bed...>> The sound bones crushed, blood spattered on the walls, and meat dropped to the ground, the killer chuckled again, and seem to be humming an old lullaby.

"Please...STOP IT!!" Harry was twitching, he knew Jake will be dead, and he couldn't do a thing, yet he's still panic, his own body hurt, like the knives sounds were aiming on him, his flesh burned and his heart was almost like they would be given up on him in the next few minutes. 

'<<But do you know what is the most important thing of all?>>

Everything froze, there was nothing more than heavy, deadly silence, the cold Western wind vibrate the leaves, and another stab was heard, this one was longer, deeper, harder, the pain can almost be feel through the desperate scream of the young boy echoed, he was gagling blood. Harry was dead silence, he choked, like there was red saliva in his own throat.

Tears ran down on the teenager's cheek when Jake was whispering his name, calling for help, before what's left of him was cries and whimpers of and inaudible words.

'<<You wish them a good night...>>

-Jake...Jake...I'm...s-so...rry...- Harry babbling before the last sound of Jake painfully slipped in to his ear.


Harry fall down screaming with his brother, who was soon, dead. There was no more sound of the child, only the cries from the older brother.

There were chuckles on the other line, the killer said with a soothing, ominous voice before cutting of the connection.

'<<Sweet Nightmare, Harry...>>


The Police found Jake's dead body in a cottage on the edge of the forest, he was stabbed randomly at least 12 times, and a finish a little up from the heart, wounded his lung. The victim's brother, Harry, who was the last one that connected to him, has fallen into depressions and is currently treating at the [REDACTED] asylum.  

This way of slaughter were similar to the unfortunate 3 other child, all are little boys from 6 to 10, the killer was still on the loose, the police department recommended  all citizen highly alarmed at any time until this madness ends.


Some witnesses saw a young man, around twenties, wearing long sleeves white t-shirt and green hoodie with dark blue jeans usually came out only after the sun went down, he always wear a face mask. 

This man has been identify as Louis Maverick Anderson, the older brother of Jeffrey Carter Anderson A.K.A the famous Jeff the Killer, his motivations for killing is unknown.

He could be involved to the killing of the children, if anyone saw him, please contact your local police department immediately.

We appreciate your co-operation to help us end this mass mudering once and for all.

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