Ted stood above the body of his next victim machete in hand.

Just do it you want this right?

He slammed it down on the sleeping person with more and more force.

You didn't make the cut! haha! HAHA!

Then he left out of the window. He made it home and took a shower clearing off the evidence.

You can do it. Just keep cool okay.

The next morning he sat at the breakfast table when his brothers came down calling him mean names like gay and queer.

After eating he left and walked to school with his friend Jeff. When they reached school he pulled his secret weapon. A knife.

Just do it it will pay off!

He then shot anyone who looked like a bully.

Then his existence stopped.

Andrew sat at his computer. He wanted to be famous. Just not like this. He moved Ted the recycle bin and deleted it forever. Some day but not today. And not like this.

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